Sunday, February 25, 2007

Don't pass the Macaroni and Cheese, please.

Macaroni and cheese. Some love it with ketchup (at one time a friend, yes you, Carrie, gave us a personalized box of Mac n Cheese with packets of ketchup in it) or peas, some hate it because it's all they ate in their single days, but I am cheesed out. B knows she can't have it everyday so she will remind me, "We didn't have macaroni and cheese yesterday" (although, I have to admit the only type they eat is pretty dang good). However, thanks to the book Pinkalicious she knows that she could quite possibly turn orange if she has too much. Don't get me wrong, my kids eat everything from Chicken Stuffed with Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach and Feta to Lemon Grass Ribs, but lunchtime is a lazy time for us all--already looking forward to naps or a chance to just relax I succumb to the request.

This blog will contain recipes that are gourmet, yet kid friendly (and made with the help of my 1 and 3 year old because I can't even STAND in the kitchen without them pulling up a chair next to me), and updates on the happenings at the MudHut. Buen provecho!


Stacey said...

Good Luck, can't wait!

motleys said...

PS - Yes, I still put Ketchup on my Mac from time to time...but I'm coming around on the pure stuff. I sometimes offer it to my kids too and they want it, but they'd prefer to not stir it up, they try to eat a spoonful of I think we might retire that tradition sometime. We typically get the Thick and Creamy Mac and Cheese and it's really good and yes, I feel guilty that we're eating it and not the SuperMac that is enriched and has whole wheat, but it's pretty yummy. Does the kind you make taste good too? Yea! A new blog buddy! I'm especially excited for your recipes! I'm still waiting for the ones you gathered from the dinner club you had with friends at UVA! My ward has been collecting recipies for a cookbook for what seems like six months and it's still not printed! I love getting my hands on new recipes!
And I can't wait to see new pictures of Ryan's betrothed! (I"m afraid my spelling is a little rusty, is that right?) That was hilarious! I had seen your comment from our San Fran trip, but didn't go down further! So cute. Scott actually pointed it out to me. We are aching to get out there! It's been so long! Can't wait for more!

Amy Whisenant said...

Can you add a different recipe everyday that I can use the next day for dinner? Problem solved--no more thinking about what to make!

Haley said...

Yeah! Give me those recipes! Post a family picture sometime. The kids grow so fast!

henryteachers said...

Looks like a great idea for a blog! I'm always looking for other meals besides mac and cheese for my kids.. I just found a great children's cookbook called Pretend soup. I posted an entry on my blog today about it if you're interested.
:) Mindy