Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Popcorn popping on the CHERRY TREES!

Ahhh, l love Washington D.C. in the spring. When I think of the downfalls of Washington: traffic, housing costs, crime, all I have to do is go downtown and walk around the Tidal Basin around the first week of April. Last night we were eating at PF Changs and I said, "...cherry blossoms." A server that was walking by said, "Oh, did you run that race?" Umm, no. She said, "I did. I am so sore." I started laughing to myself, someone wanted others to know she ran a race.

One time S and his good friend, Mark, were driving home from college when their car broke down. They had to ride the Greyhound from Kansas to Washington D.C. If someone really wants to get to know the U.S. apparently they should ride the Greyhound. Well, they have lots of funny stories from this trip, but one of my favorites relates to that server. Sam sat down next to a guy on the bus. First thing out of this stranger's mouth? "Are you in a rock band?" Sam smiled and said, "No." His reply, "Cuz, I am." So next time you go on the bus, ask someone this. It's a great conversation starter. Or killer.


Scott said...

Nice shot of you guys surrounded by blossoms. No offense, though, but the food pictures are my favorites. Keep up the good food!

Carrie said...

Who's that Scott? I love family and food ones!

I miss Cherry Blossoms!

I love pavlova...makes me think of Sam and Andrew...Pavlova is an Austrailian dessert so Sam and I would make it - especially for Austraila day! She and I made it at my house right before Ryan was born and I was bummed because the last slice was getting old in the fridge while I was in the hospital. I'll have to try yours sometime.. How fun.

TWilton said...

Julie, your family is absolutely beautiful! This is my favorite new site to peruse. You have so many unique talents, Jules. I can't help but miss you tremendously. We shall be next door neighbors in the next life, ok?